The holiday season is near and you don’t know what to give? Why not giving a piece of yourself and your passion to someone you care about?

Although it may not be a completely unexpected gift, an aquarium can be a perfect present: by offering an aquarium as a gift, you will have the opportunity to lead the recipient on a fascinating journey to discover a new and marvelous world, sharing not only your passion but also a wealth of knowledge with them. Additionally, you can find valuable support for this endeavor in the other articles on our blog!!

But why choosing  an aquarium as a gift?

The aquarium is a real world enclosed within 5 glasses: a world governed by rules and times that are completely different from ours. It can be an educational experience or a space to find tranquility after a hectic day of work. It can be a way to bring people together to share experiences or to continue to marvel at the miracle of life that, day after day, unfolds within the tank.

Taking care of something alive, witnessing fish multiply, and plants grow can help children and young people to see the world from a different perspective, where the rhythms of nature are followed, far from the pace imposed by modern society.

It is  also an opportunity to observe living beings in their natural context, spying on the interactions that occur between fish, invertebrates, and the environment. We become part of their world, and gradually, we have the privilege of being witnesses to their instinctive behavior. This is an opportunity that we could never have otherwise!

A gifted aquarium provides moments of relaxation

Observing the aquarium also becomes a moment of respite, a time to find some relaxation, enchanting ourselves by staring at the gently moving plants or corals swaying in the current. We can be amazed watching fish dance and fight in the eternal struggle for territory, to reproduce, to defend their fry from the dangers of the world, or to steal the last crumb of food.

A gifted aquarium stimulates curiosity

It’s also a way to cultivate a desire to explore the beauty of nature in children and young people, allowing them to travel without leaving home. In an aquarium, we can recreate the natural environments of the fish we host by researching information, photos, and videos of their places of origin. We can bring a piece of the Amazon rainforest or a Mexican lake into our homes, or even a segment of the mighty Congo River in Africa or a portion of the Great Barrier Reef with its magnificent colors. These environments may prompt younger ones to ask questions and serve as an invitation for adults to deepen their knowledge of the world around us!

A gifted aquarium promotes socialization

Last but not least, an aquarium is a way to be part of a community; sharing experiences with other enthusiasts is a way to develop a  passion! You can meet other enthusiasts in specialized stores and participate in numerous events promoted by AMTRA both at retail locations and during industry fairs! You can also get inspiration and new ideas from the workshops that Amtra offers!

If you are concerned about the potential consumption of an aquarium, keep in mind that its maintenance will not be a burdensome expense on the family budget. Many freshwater fish and invertebrates do not require high temperatures to thrive! Moreover, modern technologies such as LED lighting or electronic pumps have significantly reduced aquarium consumption compared to just a few years ago, and modern heaters are much more efficient with reduced energy consumption!


Lorenzo Tarocchi

Lorenzo Tarocchi

Laurea magistrale in Agraria, Master in Acquacoltura e Ittiopatologia.

Classe 1986, Laurea magistrale in Agraria, Master in Acquacoltura e Ittiopatologia. Appassionato di pesca e di tutto quello che vive sott’acqua, inizia lavorando in un negozio di Acquari nel 2010 ed in seguito in una delle maggiori serre italiane specializzate nell’importazione di pesci tropicali, collaborando nel frattempo con il Museo di Storia Naturale dell’Università di Pisa e con importanti aziende del settore.