AMTRA TECHNO CO2 PRO BUBBLE COUNTER- bubble counter for co2 in glass for aquarium


  • CO2 bubble counter for use in the aquarium
  • Made of glass
  • With fixing suction cups
  • Convenient reading of the number of bubbles
  • Refined and elegant design


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AMTRA TECHNO CO2 PRO BUBBLE COUNTER – bubble counter for CO2 in glass ideal for use in the aquarium. Easy to install thanks to the suction cups supplied. The particular design and being made of transparent glass make it an object of pleasant presence outside the tank.

The following products / spare parts are part of the same AMTRA CO2 SYSTEM line:
– AMTRA CO2 SYSTEM – Complete plant for the addition of co2 in the aquarium. Made up of: 500gr CO2 cylinder. non-rechargeable, pressure reducer with M10x1 pitch, bubble counter with non-return valve 3 meters of polyurethane tube 3.5 x 5 mm and co2 micronizer – ITEM CODE A6076916
– AMTRA CO2 CYLINDER 500gr NON RECHARGEABLE – non refillable cylinder with pitch M10x1 ideal to be replaced in AMTRA CO2 SYSTEM or in systems with the same pitch – ITEM CODE A6076329
– AMTRA CO2 DIFFUSER – specific micronizer for CO2 capable of producing extremely fine bubbles that can guarantee the best possible contribution of carbon dioxide to the aquarium water. Equipped with suction cup for practical fixing to the glass – ITEM CODE A6076920
– AMTRA CO2 BUBBLE COUNTER – bubble counter including non-return valve specially designed for use under pressure with CO2 – ITEM CODE A6076921
– AMTRA TECHNO CO2 DIFFUSER SPIRAL – diffuser for CO2 in glass – ITEM CODE A6076429
– AMTRA TECHNO CO2 DIFFUSER CLASSIC – diffuser for CO2 in glass – ITEM CODE A6076430
– AMTRA TECHNO CO2 PRO BUBBLE COUNTER – glass bubble counter – ITEM CODE A9076947

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  • ITEM CODE: A9076947
  • EAN: 8023222069473
  • WEIGHT: Kg. 0.04
  • VOLUME: m3 0.00048
  • PACKAGING DIMENSIONS (L/W/H): cm. 8.0 X 4.0 X 15.0