Digital test for determining the conductivity of water (EC in µS and TDS in ppm)


  • Practical digital meter for measuring the conductivity of water (EC in µS and TDS in ppm) with automatic temperature compensation (ATC)
  • Integrated “automatic temperature compensation” ATC system
  • Possibility of re-calibration
  • Auto shutdown after a few minutes of inactivity
  • Included hard case for safe storage


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AMTRA DIGITAL CONDUCTIVITY & TDS TESTER ATC is an electronic tester that allows the rapid and precise determination of the conductivity of the water (EC in µS and TDS in ppm) of your aquarium. Practical “pen” shape to be carried and used anywhere. Possibility of automatic recalibration and temperature compensation are among the main advantages of this device suitable for both beginners and expert aquarists.
EC measurement scale: 0-9990 µS / TDS: 0-9990ppm
0.1-80.0°C / 32.0-176.0°F
Instructions for Use:
Remove the protective cover of the electrode. Press [ON/OFF] and insert the electrode into the solution to be tested. When the numbers on the display are stable, press [HOLD], extract from the solution and read the value. Switch off with [ON/OFF] (after 5 minutes of inactivity the instrument switches off automatically). Clean the electrode preferably with osmotic water before putting it back in the package.
By pressing [SHIFT] you can view the TDS or EC reading and switch from the ° C scale to the ° F scale for temperature.
AMTRA DIGITAL CONDUCTIVITY & TDS TESTER is equipped with ATC system: automatic temperature compensation during measurement!

1. Turn on the tester and immerse the electrode in a standard buffer solution (eg 1413 µS)
2. Press the SHIFT button for 3 seconds: the word CAL will appear on the display in place of the measured temperature
3. You can now set the correct parameter read using the SHIFT key to increase the measured value or HOLD to decrease it
4. Once the reading has stabilized, press the “SHIFT” button for 3 seconds, wait until the CAL word will leave the place again at the measured temperature. Calibration completed
Warning: The instrument must be recalibrated in the following conditions: after a long period of inactivity or after a long period of time since the last calibration, following frequent use or when high precision in measurement is required. If the electrode is exposed to air for a long time, it will dry out and the reading of the values ​​will therefore be slow and not very stable. It is enough to immerse the electrode in osmotic water for a few hours to solve the problem.

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