The first time we entered an aquarium shop we got amazed by brightly coloured fish that were swimming into the tanks. Long fins, unusual shapes and cool liveries would be the criteria to bring those fish home.

Right. However, where to put them all?

The choice of the fish tank is the first big step that we have done when we approached the aquaria world. We keep on doing this important step every time we go further for this hobby, or we want to spend our time on new project.

In order to choose the aquarium, we can show you some general tips to follow that will guide you throughout the choice of different fish tanks in the marketplace. In the following articles there will be additional suggestions and ideas.

According to the space and the time that we have, we can choose the more appropriate type of fish tank. However, the first important decision that we have to make is between the saltwater aquarium and the freshwater one.


For what concerns the saltwater aquarium we can opt for:

  • Small and attractive nano-reef aquaria, ideal for those who have limited spaces. They require fast maintenance;
  • Bright and colourful aquaria for marine fish, with beautiful and robust soft corals;
  • Fascinating reef aquaria, wonderful spots of the coral reef which show a triumph of corals and fluorescence.

Regarding the world of freshwater aquaria, we can go for:

  • Community aquaria, ideal for beginners, in which small and peaceful fish swim around plants that are easy to deal with;
  • Biotope tanks which remind rocky habitat from African lakes, with multi-coloured and robust fish, or, otherwise, we can recreate a part of the submerged Amazon rainforest, with wonderful Altum and Discus;
  • Splendid aquascaping aquaria dedicated to plants, colourful submerged gardens that may allow us to be part of some contests.


Lorenzo Tarocchi

Lorenzo Tarocchi

Laurea magistrale in Agraria, Master in Acquacoltura e Ittiopatologia.

Classe 1986, Laurea magistrale in Agraria, Master in Acquacoltura e Ittiopatologia. Appassionato di pesca e di tutto quello che vive sott’acqua, inizia lavorando in un negozio di Acquari nel 2010 ed in seguito in una delle maggiori serre italiane specializzate nell’importazione di pesci tropicali, collaborando nel frattempo con il Museo di Storia Naturale dell’Università di Pisa e con importanti aziende del settore.